BCM Alumni Spotlight

Alena Adkins-Alumni Spotlight July 2020.

Alena Adkins, Marshall University (2014-2019)

My name is Alena Adkins and I currently work for Marshall University’s Brad D. Smith Lewis College of Business as the Accreditation Program Coordinator. I recently graduated from Marshall University with my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 2019. During those five years of college I was a part of Marshall’s Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM). I remember in high school being told by a friend about BCM for the first time and thought it would be so cool to join. Flashing forward to freshman year of college, I loved it. I didn’t realize how many young adults my age loved the Lord as much as I did and wanted to further His kingdom. I became an active member of BCM that year, joining an iTeam (impact team) Bible study and trying out for the worship band. During those years at BCM, I learned so much about God. It is hard to put into words how much BCM has meant and still means to me, but I will try: BCM became a family to me. I met some of my best friends there. I laughed, cried, worshipped, and felt God through this organization. I became a leader there and was able to pour into young girls’ lives while eating snacks and reading Scripture. I cried so much when graduating solely because of the BCM family I was leaving behind. I thank God that He led me to this group of people and their motto, "changing lives that change the world." Through God’s grace, my life has been changed. I have God and BCM to thank for this.

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