BCM was a beacon to me when I started college at WVU. As a freshman coming from a small town, there were so many unknowns in front of me. Would I find new friends? Would I find a church family away from home? The answer to both to those questions was…yes! I went to my first BCM meeting the first week of classes, and I knew that I had found something special. I was welcomed with so many intentional people who wanted to disciple me and encourage me in my new season of life. I would later be able to join the worship team & leadership team to give back to what BCM had fostered in me in my new beginning. I gained a deeper desire to have intentional time with the Lord and make an effort each day to grow closer to Him.

As a bonus, I found my husband at BCM. I know that the Lord drew me to a place from which He would grow my whole college life. Did I know this from the first time that I attended a BCM meeting? No. But, I encourage everyone to get outside of your comfort zone & serve the Lord in ways you never thought you would. He has so much in store for your life when you turn it over to Him completely.

Anna (Robinson) Digman
UC/Fruth Community Pharmacy PGY-1 Resident