BCM Alumni Spotlight

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Campus Update: Fairmont State University

In the midst of the COVID crisis this year, the entire BCM culture across the state was thrown into a muddle for meeting in person.  Many of the students who come to BCM in person normally have created strong bonds of friendship, accountability and culture within the tight knit groups they are part of.  This summer presents a different challenge as many students work jobs while out of school, and so, some BCM organizations don’t meet in the summer.  Fairmont State BCM changed things up this year by continuing to meet via Zoom conferencing over the summer months of June and July.  We discussed topics including family relationships, job searches, marriages, and the way God fits into all of those.  Some of the students got to lead the Bible study as well, and God provided awesome lessons from the students on anxiety management and being grateful in the midst of turmoil in our lives. g discussion about verses that give peace and understanding even in the midst of turmoil.  Even though FSU BCM was small in number over the summer, we learned a lot, and are looking forward to this fall.  We will be meeting, whether in person or virtually, and pray that God’s impact on each one is carried throughout the world!


Karla Carr, Fairmont State University BCM Associate

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