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A BCM Associate said, “where there is a will, there is a way!”  That was the motto of all BCM leaders this semester. Covid-19 gave them challenges but these willing individuals worked hard to glorify God. BCM does ministry on nine different college campuses across WV and each campus had different Covid-19 guidelines. Each BCM was still able to reach out to students and served God. Here is a quick summary of what they did:


Alderson Broaddus University averaged 18 per week, whether online or in person. AB also had four house/dorm churches this semester ranging from 3-7 people. 

Concord University averaged 5-6 participants online weekly and prayed with 40-50 students this semester on campus.  There were two decisions made for Christ at Concord. Vicki Morris is the leader with assistance from Grover Morris.
Fairmont State University also had online meetings with 50 views per week. Karla Carr is the leader with assistance from Stan Carr.

Glenville State College met in person this semester and averaged 21 participants with two small groups of ten people. Online ministry meetings averaged eight participants. Lance Linden is the BCM associate.


Marshall University averaged 25 students on Mondays in-person 7:15 meetings. Wednesday night meetings at 9:15 averaged 60 people. MU had 80 students connected in I-teams. Rob Ely is the leader with assistance from Beth Ely.


Potomac State College had 20 students participate in two different small groups that met online for most of semester but were also able to meet in-person for a few weeks.  Shannon Earle leads BCM at Potomac State College.


University of Charleston averaged ten participants for their in person meetings. UC is led by Erin and Todd McClure.

WV Tech averaged 17 participants for Thursday night meetings. Fourteen students were involved in weekly Bible App Bible studies. They also had good connections with the Student Government Association at WV Tech. Anthony Pratt is the BCM Associate and is assisted by Patrick Huffman.
WVU Morgantown averaged 40 students who engaged in I-teams and prayer partners. Kevin Sions is the campus leader.
BCM is still active on these campuses. 2021 will have its own challenges but the BCM Leaders will continue to be God’s servants and be present in the lives of college students. Please continue to pray for BCM leaders and the ministry. We also ask that you help us spread the word about BCM. Each year we ask that alumni make sure BCM is in their personal budget and the budget of the church where they attend. Next year, in 2021, we will introduce a new paid associate at Potomac State University. The BCM budget has been blessed for many years but the effect of Covid-19 on non-profit budgets is real and BCM is experiencing a budget shortfall. Contributions can be given online at wvbcm.com or mailed to Baptist Campus Ministry, PO Box 1019, Parkersburg WV, 26102.