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I was very fortunate to find Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) as a freshman at West Virginia University due to a friendship from high school with a current BCM member. From welcome weekend on I was quickly folded into BCM and developed friendships that I am still very blessed to have over 10 years later with people I now consider not only some of my closest friends, but people I would also consider a part of my family. 


WVU very easily could have gone in a different direction for me, but thanks to the Lord’s providence over my life He introduced me to friends and mentors through BCM that not only grew my relationship with the Lord but helped me to realize what true friendship was. 


Through a sweet discipleship relationship, impact teams, regular weekly Bible study, and time spent on the leadership team with WVU BCM I was able to grow in my faith and love of the Lord. This time helped me to pursue my passions and gifts that He had blessed me with in service to Him. 


The Lord also used the ministry of BCM to bring my husband Daniel into my life. As a result of the impact of BCM on both of us and our walks with the Lord, we moved to Louisville, KY shortly after getting married for Daniel to attend The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS).


We both benefitted so much from the theological education we received at SBTS through both Daniel's traditional MDiv program and my time in the Seminary Wives Program. 


We have also been extremely enriched in our time spent in the local church we are a part of here, Third Avenue Baptist Church. The Lord has richly blessed our family with our son Silas and another son, Ezra, on the way. We still continue to be thankful for BCM and the role it had on both of our lives, friendships, and relationship with the Lord. We continue to encourage all college students to be a part of BCM or similar campus ministries in order to have the same opportunity for growth and friendship as we experienced. 


-Courtney Griffith