BCM Student Highlight


Early last semester, I found myself not knowing who to turn to in my life after an event that left me broken. I was drowning in school, drowning in hopelessness, drowning in depression, not knowing how exactly to continue onward. It was the worst condition I had ever been in. It wasn’t until one night, while explaining my situation to my brother that he realized what the issue was. He stated, “You haven’t been prioritizing God.” Upon hearing those words I broke down into tears, as I knew he was correct. I knew that moment was my calling to serve the Lord and His Son.

The very next day I started to contact religious groups on campus, searching to get involved. It didn’t take long, until I met face-to-face with Rob at the Campus Christian Center. As he started to explain BCM, I knew it was my place to start weekly fellowship while also making new friends. As I started attending, I felt welcomed in a way I had been searching for. Not only from the people there, but also from the Lord. When I let Him in to my life, it was the best decision I ever made. Attending BCM for me was truly lifechanging, in every aspect. While growing in my faith, BCM allows me to share the love I have for God and Christ with fellow collegiate students. BCM is a place where lifelong friends and memories can be made. I am extremely grateful for they gave me a home to pursue faith stronger than I ever had before.

Dale Garrett

Marshall University Student