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I knew before I left for college in the fall of 2009 that I wanted to get involved with BCM at WVU but I did not realize then how much God would use that ministry to impact my life.  Most importantly God used BCM to grow my relationship with Him through the preaching of his Word at our weekly meetings, through I-teams, and through the different discipleship relationships I had.  Before college I knew God’s Word was important, but God used BCM to really grow my knowledge and love for reading God’s Word and hearing it taught and preached. Also, before college I definitely had people who poured into my life, but it was through BCM that God really taught me the importance of having more mature believers in my life to disciple me as well as me doing the same with less mature believers.  Through BCM, God taught me the importance of Christian community in which you are truly living life together as brothers and sisters in Christ, in particular through the local church.

Along with impacting my relationship with Jesus, God used, and is still using BCM, to impact where I am in life now. It was through the ministry of BCM that I met my wife Courtney and God used several couples through BCM, in particular the BCM leaders at the time, Tim & Crystal Gray, to model what a Godly relationship and marriage looks like.  Also, during my senior year of high school I began to feel the Lord’s calling in my life for me to do vocational ministry, and the Lord gave me many opportunities to grow in my gifting, in particular He allowed for me to be on the BCM leadership team for 3.5 years.

After we graduated from WVU in 2013, Courtney and I got married and we moved to Louisville, KY for me to attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It was through two friendships I built through BCM that I learned about Southern, and I actually was blessed to be able to attend Southern with these two brothers which grew those relationships begun through BCM even more.  Through my time at Southern, God continued to grow my love for Him, His Word, and His Church like He did through BCM, and He continued to grow and prepare me for vocational ministry.  I graduated from Southern in May of 2018, one month after Courtney gave birth to our first son Silas (we are due with our second son Ezra in October).  While God has not yet led me to a pastoral ministry role, I know and trust that the Lord is using me where I am now in my current job and at my church, Third Avenue Baptist Church, to grow and prepare me for present and future ministry, like He did through my time with BCM.


Daniel Griffith