Designed to Lead

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Written by Kevin Sions, Northern BCM Director

Over the last three months, the BCM associate leaders on the eight campuses have been participating in a book study.  The book title is Designed to Lead by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck.  Learning together has been encouraging.  The reflections have been thought-provoking leading to changes in the way disciples of Christ are developed into leaders.  Leadership development is a key component of BCM’s vision: Changing lives that change the World.  Understanding how we equip and train others to then be an effective leader as they follow Christ in the world is necessary.  Knowing the end goal is helping us with means to get there. 


BCM isn’t where we need or want to be but we are working to get there in regard to teaching, providing experiences, and training students to be leaders.    An excerpt from the book—page 203: “You won’t drift into developing leaders, but you will easily drift from developing leaders.  Just as we don’t drift into a pursuit of holiness, we won’t drift into developing and deploying leaders.  For a church to create and commission leaders into all spheres of life, leaders must continually focus time, energy and direction on leadership development in the local church”. 


BCM in not the local church and we constantly communicate to students to be involved in and connected to a local church.  However, BCM is committed to intentionally developing leaders who are disciples of Christ willing to serve to change the world as Christ changes their life. 

Please continue to pray for the associates as they serve their students.  Moving online has been a hard transition for everyone and it changes the way we think about leadership development.  Please continue to pray that God uses our associates to raise up leaders to help reach our state and our world with the gospel.