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Learning How to Live Saved

Written by Karla Carr, Associate at Fairmont State University

Fairmont State University BCM has been rejuvenated with a great 2019-2020 year. We have seen an increase in not only the number of students who attend weekly meetings, but a growth of devotion times, the creation of I-Teams, group activities and accountability growth.  Led by my husband, Stan, and me, we met each week at the Baptist Temple in Fairmont, and we have seen an increase in students from the prior years that allows us to have a praise and worship time prior to and after the regular meeting time.  There are four young people who have taken it upon themselves to sing and play instruments for the praise band, and the entire group has grown as a result of the leadership team growing.  In the 2019 fall semester we grew from a 10+ person group to a 20+ person group, and we examined our relationship statuses using Ben Stuart’s book, Single, Dating, Engaged, and Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age.

Our spring semester had started out with life skills learning, as several students had expressed the interest in learning how to cook, balance checkbooks, and budget.  Thankfully the kitchen at Baptist Temple is large enough that we were able to break the students into two separate groups and teach them how to make meatballs and spaghetti, as well as apple pie.  The men of the group then took that food and served the ladies for a Galentine’s Dinner (a play on Valentine’s).  The students were surprised to learn how the Bible applies to even the meals we prepare and the ingredients we put into our meals.  Budgeting was eye-opening for the students as we talked about money management and how to do that in the framework that God has created.

Even though the spring semester has been cut short for in-person meetings, we continue to have weekly conference calls and the students have unanimously requested that we continue to have the meetings throughout the summer as well.  The physical separation that we have as a group could lead to anxiety and depression, among other things, but the leadership is learning to address those issues in the forefront and provide guidance and encouragement.  The praise that we can give to God is that the students are telling other students about the BCM team we have.  The whole premise of the group is family—how to live well, work well and be well with each other.  There are students who have come to BCM from other Christian student organizations on the FSU campus who have said that the other organizations want to get you saved, but BCM wants to show you how to live saved.  Our prayer is that we can continue to show how to live in God’s will and path!  Thank you for supporting the mission on the Fairmont State campus and across the state of West Virginia!