Finding Community at WVU BCM

Written by Kevin Sions, Northern BCM Director

In mid-February, I had a conversation at BCM with a young man, Samuel, from Nigeria.  Samuel had been attending weekly BCM gatherings for about three weeks since the beginning of the spring semester.  Samuel is a doctorate student studying engineering.  He moved here for the program offering at WVU and has some Baptist background.  After getting to know him during those times, I decided to simply ask him, “How can we help you?  Iis there anything you need?”  Samuel looked at me and around the room of students and said, “I need this…I need community.  Thank you.”  I was overwhelmed by Samuel’s sincerity and honesty. 

Community is vital component to BCM.  That statement has been at the forefront of doing ministry during the pandemic.  How can we as BCM continue to create a sense of genuine community when we cannot meet together?  Through social media, Zoom, phone calls, messages and, most importantly, committed student leaders willing to actively serve in coming alongside people from a distance, BCM is still creating and building community.  Please continue to pray for college students as they navigate online learning and try to complete their work and finals as the semester concludes.