karla carr_edited.jpg
Karla Carr

Campus: Fairmont State

Years with BCM:  5


Karla and Stanley Carr have been the BCM Associates at Fairmont State University since Fall 2016.  They are the parents of three children: Greg (23), Alex (19), and Shiloh (14), and live on their family farm in Fairmont. 


Stanley is an electrician and manages the WVU HVAC offices and Karla graduated from FSU in 2000 with an accounting degree and works from home. Stanley is a deacon at Willow Tree Baptist Church and has served as the moderator for the Fairmont Association, and Karla is the song leader at Willow Tree. Karla also serves as the Prayer Advocate for the Myers Mission Partnership Team for International Ministries missionaries Keith and Debbie Myers.  Both Stan and Karla are pursuing their School of Christian Studies degrees and have filled the pulpit for several churches in the area. 


The Lord opened the door for them to serve at BCM and He has shown them His faithfulness through all kinds of struggles and growth.  Stanley and Karla both believe everyone has a mission to serve Christ wherever they are.  FSU is largely a commuter college, so the focus of BCM leadership is to empower the students to take the knowledge of the Lord with them wherever they go.