Karla Carr

Husband: Stanley

Children: Gregory, Alex, and Shiloh

Campus: Fairmont State

Years with BCM:  0


Karla Carr is excited to have been selected to be the director for the Fairmont State University BCM!  She is married to Stanley Carr and they live in Barrackville, WV with their 3 children, Gregory (18), Alex (14), and Shiloh (9).  She is a member of Willow Tree Baptist Church in Farmington, WV where she is active in youth ministry, church leadership and music service.  Karla is a member of the Keith and Debbie Myers Mission Partnership team (MPT), and assists them by submitting prayer needs to over 150 individuals and organizations all over the world while they serve in Mexico.  Karla earned her BSBA in Accounting from Fairmont State in 2000, and works for ManTech International Corp.  Her personal mission is to serve God by serving others so that others may see the Holy Spirit oozing out of her!