BCM Alumni Spotlight

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Nathaniel Toler, University of Charleston (2008-2014)

I am currently living in Princeton, WV, which isn’t where I grew up but it oddly has felt like home since I moved here. I am working at Princeton Community Hospital as a staff pharmacist but also serve as the pharmacy education coordinator. When I moved here, I was immediately plugged into a church. It really reminded me of the way I was plugged into BCM my first week of my freshman year (thanks Aaron Norris).


I met my wife through the church. She was a student pastor helping with middle school ministry and some mutual friends invited her to my Memorial Day cookout.  I have been cooking for her ever since!  We serve as student pastors to pretty much all age groups. She is the children’s pastor, and once her kids graduate high school, I then take over,  as I help with high school and college students. I have a small group I run called “Adulting” that teaches the students stuff that they need to know when they get to college. We tackle topics such as credit, student loans, and taxes as well as maintaining spiritual health, relationships (friendships and otherwise), and a number of others. My wife and I are completely transparent and are same people that we are at home at all times. That is something I learned from a mentor and a friend.


I’m also involved in the worship band at my church. I am one of the music directors for the band on Sunday mornings, telling the band where to go, keeping people in time and calling chords. All of this feels so natural to me because that was the nature of my involvement at BCM the first few years. We actually recently recorded our first live worship album, and it will be releasing Easter weekend. 


One of my favorite memories of BCM isn’t necessarily a single moment, but it was the fellowship we had outside of our Tuesday night meetings. Sure, I miss setting up the sound system and rehearsing, then having the service, tearing down and then going back to my dorm. But I very much miss the times we would go to IHOP afterwards. I have so many memories with my BCM family: IHOP trips, ultimate frisbee, making chili for the guys in my bible study. I spent 6 years at BCM. That’s what happens when you go to pharmacy school I suppose.


I saw so many students come and go. 6 years and so many memories, they all seem to be contiguous to a degree. It was BCM that taught me what it meant to truly “go forth and make disciples.” That’s a charge I take to heart. I’m thankful for Ron McClung and Aaron Norris who first got me involved. I’m thankful for Todd and Erin McClure for showing me what it meant to make disciples, and for truly showing me what it meant to love your spouse like Christ loved the church. 

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