BCM Alumni Spotlight

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Roger Adams, Marshall University Director (1985-1991)

When asked to write an article about my time at Baptist Campus Ministry, my thoughts immediately went to the students.  I started working for BCM in January of 1985, and stayed for almost 6 years. Those students are now in their late 40’s and early 50’s.  I am old!  But I still keep in touch with many of these men and women.  Those years of ministry, and the relationships that were established, have passed the test of time.


Every day, the students came to my office (my door was always open) with laughter and tears, and with nothing to do but hang out or ask questions about their future. They also discussed such profound things as “professional wrestling” - “Is it a sport or entertainment?”. Sports, grades, theology, relationships – all were discussed at one time or the other.  These are what college students at the time discussed.


I remember the retreats at Parchment Valley and Myrtle Beach, the nursing home ministries, the worship teams, the tailgate parties, the Bible Studies, and of course Night Chapel.  All of these events brought us together and built a group of students that impacted not only Marshall’s campus, but campuses and churches all across West Virginia.


These young people laughed (a lot) together, cried together, played together and sometimes, studied together.


In those five plus years, we saw over 25 students go to seminary and/or ministry.  Many of them are still ministering in West Virginia and other states.  Some became doctors (both medical and academic), teachers, lawyers, coaches, business people, etc.  Those same people are now leaders in their communities, and many are still active in their churches.


BCM, a ministry of the West Virginia Baptist Convention (WVBC), was and is a vital part, not just of the WVBC, but of the Kingdom of God.  I wish I could tell you the names of all the students I was able to have a small part in their lives.  Every one of them had a future.  Without BCM, many of their futures might look quite different.


I have had a great life in ministry, and while I do not want to rank them, BCM would be right at the top!  I still believe this is one of, if not the most important ministries of the WVBC.  These young men and women are the ones that Christ and the apostles told us to consider.  They are not the future - they are the now!

Are you a BCM alumni?  How did BCM change your life to lead you to where you are today?  Share your story with us and be featured in a future alumni spotlight!