WVU Tech's Spare Change Offering

Who would think that spare change could make a difference in a kid’s life?  But they did! As many of you know college students are often broke, but during the fall semester, BCM students at WVU-Tech collected a “Spare Change Offering ” each Thursday Night that they used to purchase Christmas gifts for two students at Beckley Elementary School. After seeing the reaction on the two students' faces, they were reminded that is isn't always about the amount that you give but rather the heart of the giver!


Similarly, did you know that spare change could be used to also support college students?  The Reach 20 initiative was setup with the goal of 200 people giving $20 per month to help us better reach the more than 60,000 college students that are on our  campuses. Would you be willing to give of your spare change or consider taking up your own "spare change offering" to help us accomplish this?  BCM is changing lives that change the world.  We invite you to be part of that change.

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