Summer BCM at AB

Written by Mitchell & Brock Freeman

What is Alderson Broaddus University BCM doing over the summer?

It was a rocky start trying to transition our in-person meetings (in March) into Zoom meetings. Like many others during this pandemic, the transition from face to face contact to virtual took time. The more we used Zoom the more comfortable we were meeting virtually to share in God’s Word. We are so very thankful for this virtual environment.  Through it we have been blessed to continue our regularly scheduled meetings during the summer.  This has allowed us to continue to build relationships in our community.  We hope to be able to connect with students who have not been able to attend an in-person BCM worship service or who may not have heard of BCM. 


During our summer meetings, we are focusing on characters in the Bible.  There is a twofold approach to studying these Bible characters: one, how life hinderances within humanity impacted their response to serving God and secondly, how the characteristics of God became evident in their lives.  We gave the students a list of characters in the Bible to choose from, such as Abraham, Noah, and David.  Even though we have character flaws God can still use us and calls us for a greater purpose. Even when we make mistakes, are broken, or uncertain of who we are, God knows us and can use us where we are. These devotions have been student-led.  Recent alumni are also encouraged to lead a devotion. 


The discussions within our virtual Summer BCM meetings have been helpful in our discipleship.  We appreciate your partnership and support of BCM. Please continue to pray for the students and faculty at Alderson Broaddus University.