Mobilizing Students for Missions

traveling team.png

For more than 20 years, the Traveling Team has been stirring university students all over the country to rise up and join God in reaching the world for Jesus Christ.  They do this by traveling around the country in teams of four and partnering with campus ministries to present a biblical basis of missions.  They also follow up this meeting by providing students with valuable resources for learning how they can get more engaged in missions. 


For more than a decade, the Traveling Team has been visiting the University of Charleston.  This year, however, they had to visit virtually.  This opened opportunities for others to join also.  In addition to our usual UC students, we also had several students from WVU Tech, Alderson Broaddus University and even several alumni.  All were exposed (or re-exposed) to the importance of joining God in His global plan of redemption.

Missions is an important aspect of our mission of "changing lives that change the world."  Several of our UC alumni have served, or continue to serve, cross-culturally.  There are numerous opportunities available through the West Virginia Baptist Convention, as well as other opportunities available through student's home churches.  The Traveling Team has been helpful in motivating many of these students to explore opportunities.


Are you interested in learning more about the Traveling Team?  Visit their website to view some of their resources and consider inviting them to come to a campus or church near you!